2 Exciting Events Coming April 2016

I can’t wait for April.  NCN has two exciting events in store.  On April 27th we will be hosting our advanced training, called Energize: High Impact Shared Spaces in Philadelphia.  This is a great opportunity for center operators to learn about leading issues in shared space and network with their peers.

The following day, on April 28th, we are co-hosting an event with CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia, called Streamlining Social Good.  This full-day event will address a topic NCN hasn’t covered much in the past: overcoming barriers to nonprofit resource sharing.  Philadelphia is a great venue for this because of the work of the philanthropic community on restructuring, repositioning and collaboration among nonprofits (see Nonprofit Repositioning Fund).

The goal is have a conversation that is cross-sectoral and that doesn’t focus on the mechanics or legal aspects of collaboration or consolidation, but on the social dimension and the human dynamics that either support or deter us from resource sharing.  We have an exciting group of speakers from the social science field, including Dr. Syon Bhanot, Assistant Professor of Economics at Swarthmore College.  We’re planning an unconventional program that will pair expert practitioners from our network and others, with leading social science researchers who can help us analyze our work in new ways.

I think spring in Philadelphia will be a great time to break out of our silos and think about our work in a new way.

Registration Opens February 17, 2016



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