5 Reasons to Get Into Shape…Together!

It’s a new year! Time to get into shape!

No, I’m not here to harass you on how well your New Year’s resolution towards good health is going, or if you’ve already given up on it. (You can do it!) I’m here to help your nonprofit get its plan about sharing space into shape, so you can present your best self to your community.

This year, we’re bringing you a different kind of Boot Camp, that’s making it super easy and cost effective to learn about nonprofit shared space with Virtual Nonprofit Centers Boot Camp. You can get in shape on your own (in your pjs) over 2 months or with your colleagues (maybe not in your pjs) over 6 months, starting whenever you register.

Make this year the year you dive into the idea that you, your board, or community has been thinking about: getting serious about shared space. Here are just a few ways Virtual Nonprofit Centers Boot Camp will get you and your team there:

  1. Get down to the why of needing shared space.
  2. Learn and understand the Real Estate jargon that nonprofits generally love to avoid.
  3. Tap into shared space benefits of collaborating, programming and reducing duplication (that funders want to fund!)
  4. Figure out who decides who decides – from ownership/leasing to day to day operations.
  5. Realize that shared space actually provides a profit margin because it is pretty, an upgrade and a place people want to be, among other reasons!

We think this is a New Year’s resolution you can stick with because we are here to walk you through it, one module at a time. True change takes a village, and you’ll have that for the journey and in the end result. What are you waiting for?





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