Commercial Real Estate Trends of Interest to Shared Space Managers

There’s a lot of change brewing in the commercial real estate (CRE) world. From how we work to what a new generation of workers want from their workplace, these shifts are impacting the design and offerings of office space. Some of these trends are maturing (like the open plan) and new ones are coming on the scene (like hackable workspaces). What’s exciting is that much of the new thinking is aligned with the values that are already important to those of us who own and operate social purpose real estate and easily builds on our efforts to develop robust communities while providing affordable, quality workspace.

CRE Trends

  • Continued Drive for CollaborationFrom serendipitous collisions to meeting rooms that foster ideation, collaboration – and the spaces designed to promote it – are still king.
  • Walking Back the Open Plan (a bit) There is a shift away from the wide open seating plan to one that has clearly identified uses (quite zones, social areas) and meets the needs of a range of users (wait! what? introverts work here?).
  • Hackable Space Dovetailing the rethink on the open plan comes the ‘hackable’ space. These dynamic spaces and fixtures will allow users to manipulate and adjust work areas to individual preferences or task needs. Think pillow fort for the office.
  • Smart WorkspacesMore technology is coming and most of it seems benevolent. From energy-saving technology to individually-controlled microclimates, our workplace will be more wired than ever.
  • Amenities and Workplace as a Service Everything from gyms and cafes to concierge-like offerings means there’s really no reason to go home (or at least that’s what employers what you to think!). Workplaces will be as much about user experience as getting stuff done.
  • Shared Purpose This is old hat for those of us in nonprofits, but itturns out Millennials are looking for organizations where they can share in the outcomes of the organization. They also want to see that shared purpose communicated in the physical space.

These trends, if they take hold, will have significant implications on how we use and design the facilities we own and manage.  While social purpose real estate’s core mission is to provide quality, affordable space, it is worthwhile to keep an eye on where the commercial market is headed to keep our spaces relevant. 

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