Operating a Space

Do you run a community space? Below are the top 3 resources CSN recommends.

Are you a staff member at an operating nonprofit center? Do you own social purpose real estate and are you looking for ways to continually learn about best practices and innovations in the field? If you are operating a community space, a nonprofit center, or some other type of shared space in your community, CSN can help in many ways. Where should you get started? Here are the top 3 CSN resources that we recommend to anyone operating a community space:

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Become a ‘Center in Operation’ Member

Membership is the most affordable way to access a wealth of knowledge about social purpose real estate. Center in Operation members are groups that are operating community spaces. They are typically multi-tenant spaces that increase the capacity and effectiveness of the nonprofit sector by providing quality nonprofit workspace and community, but can also be different types of social purpose real estate. As a member, you can access tools and templates to push your project forward in the Resource Library. You also get access to various forums in the member portal, webinars on the latest trends, preferred pricing on online courses, customized advice in your free hour of consulting, and so much more.

Take Managing & Animating Social Purpose Real Estate

This is an online course that guides participants through how to make the most of your building as a financial asset, a workspace, and a community. In this online course, NCN and Community Vision partner to introduce the basics and not-so-basics of asset management, property management, facilities management, and community management specifically with a social purpose real estate focus. These sessions are for any level of staff; they’re designed to be great refresher courses for experienced operators as well as good introductions for those newer in their roles.

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Learn More About SPRE with CSN Research

CSN makes our latest research available to you for free to help you understand what social purpose real estate and shared space looks like across North America. Publications like the State of the Shared Space Sector Survey reports showcase the variety of nonprofit centers and the benefits to the community. Other reports highlight specific aspects of community space operations and best practices from across the field. All of the research is free for SPRE operators to help support  local leaders in the development and operations of nonprofit centers and other quality community serving spaces.