SPRE Summit

Community Spaces Network is thrilled to host the Social Purpose Real Estate Summit every other year in various locations across North America.

SPRE presenter

Each SPRE Summit, we bring together community real estate professionals and practitioners interested, active, and expert in all aspects of commercial community spaces.

This interdisciplinary conference is for social purpose real estate leaders across North America; intentionally including various perspectives in the conversation. It is an opportunity for learning from peers about best practices. We hear from expert practitioners who bring skills and innovative resources for creating social purpose real estate. Together we establish and grow the collaborative network necessary to create community-serving, community-owned real estate assets, so that ultimately social purpose real estate leaders can support greater impact in local communities.

Upcoming SPRE Summit

Want to participate in the next Social Purpose Real Estate Summit? Join us to share best practices, catalyze investment, support community leaders, build connection, and advance the social purpose real estate field.

Previous SPRE Summits

SPRE stage in Detroit Michigan

SPRE Summit 2023

Detroit Michigan
October 24-26, 2023