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The CSN Resource Library houses more than 450 resources focused on community space operations, nonprofit center development, and social purpose real estate.

The resource library is one of many member benefits that Community Spaces Network members receive. Learn more about becoming a member today to gain access to the Resource Library. Check out our resource categories and some sample resources below.

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Case Studies

Examples and case studies of different social purpose real estate projects can be helpful in visioning, planning, development, and fundraising stages.

Sample Resources:

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The magic of nonprofit centers is the community engagement, management, and partnership. These resources are often helpful for centers in operation looking to increase collaboration in their spaces.

Sample Resources:

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Evaluation & Impact

Measuring impact and making the case to potential tenants, funders, boards, and others is an important piece of running nonprofit real estate.

Sample Resources:

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Finance & Budgeting

CSN works to increase access to education around real estate finance and budgeting. These resources work to demystify various processes and build financial literacy in the social purpose real estate community.

Sample Resources:

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How decisions get made, who is making decisions, and what the structure of the decision making process is what governance is all about. Both centers in development and centers in operation often find these governance resources helpful.

Sample Resources:

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Job Descriptions

The people that staff and run the buildings are often the most important part of community spaces. These job descriptions include common roles, responsibilities, and structures.

Sample Resources:

Leases, License Agreements & Letters of Intent

There are many different ways to structure agreements with tenants and partners in your community buildings. These are some helpful examples.

Sample Resources:



Sharing your story is an important part of building your community. These resources are common ways that other CSN members have done that.

Sample Resources:

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These resources are Memorandums of Understanding between various organizations that are commonly involved in the social purpose real estate sector.

Sample Resources:

Planning & Development

Centers in Development often don’t know where to start or what the process of creating a community space looks like. These resources can help provide guidance and support.

Sample Resources:


Policies & Procedures

Running a building requires various operational policies and processes. Examples from other nonprofit centers can help organizations not have to reinvent the wheel.

Sample Resources:

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Shared Services

Space isn’t the only resource that can be shared. Nonprofits can often benefit from shared back-office services, fiscal sponsorship, and more.

Sample Resources:

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Tenant Recruitment

Building your tenant community is a critical part of running social purpose real estate. These resources are helpful tools to recruit, retain, and manage tenants and partners.

Sample Resources:

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Virtual Tours

Seeing other nonprofit centers can spark ideas, creativity, and innovations in your own center. These virtual tours shared by CSN members are a great opportunity to learn from other community spaces.

Sample Resources: