SPRE Champion Members

Social Purpose Real Estate (SPRE) Champion members are some of Community Spaces Network’s most dedicated members.

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Any CSN member can become a SPRE Champion by choosing to provide a US tax-deductible gift on top of their standard annual membership fee that goes towards bolstering the support CSN provides to other nonprofit centers that can’t yet afford join the network, as well as supporting the social purpose real estate movement overall. SPRE Champions receive all the typical benefits associated with membership, plus additional exclusive benefits to recognize their generosity.  Read below about the impact SPRE Champions have in the CSN community and SPRE sector.

Ready to make a difference by becoming a SPRE Champion Member?

How SPRE Champions make an impact

Help ensure that nonprofits have access to quality workspace to deliver on their missions

Build the movement of social purpose real estate and spatial justice in communities

Help provide access to memberships for groups that can’t yet afford to join the network

SPRE Champion Members

We would like to thank our current SPRE Champion members below for their incredible commitment, engagement, and generosity as partners in the social purpose real estate movement.

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Past SPRE Champions

SPRE Champions
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SPRE Champions
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