Supporting SPRE

Are you a part of the social purpose real estate sector, and want to get even more involved? Below are the top 3 resources CSN recommends.

Are you looking for ways to support nonprofit centers but aren’t sure how? Do you see the importance of community spaces, and want to partner with operators and developers to create a positive impact in the community? If you are a part of the  social purpose real estate sector, or you support and work with community spaces, you can be a part of CSN in many ways. Where should you get started? Here are the top 3 CSN resources that we recommend to anyone partnering with or supporting a community space:

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Become a ‘SPRE Partner’ Member

Membership is the most affordable way to access a wealth of knowledge about social purpose real estate. Social Purpose Real Estate (SPRE) Partners are individuals, organizations, or businesses that engage with or are interested in social purpose real estate as a positive way to impact our communities, but do not operate a shared space. This includes designers and planners, lenders and community finance professionals, governments and community leaders, economic development practitioners, land trusts, and more. As a member, you can access networking opportunities, webinars on the latest trends, preferred pricing on online courses and events, visibility in the sector, and so much more.

Attend the Social Purpose Real Estate Summit

Each SPRE Summit, we bring together community real estate professionals and practitioners interested, active, and expert in all aspects of commercial community spaces. This interdisciplinary conference is for social purpose real estate leaders across North America; intentionally including various perspectives in the conversation. We would love to see you there to establish and grow the collaborative network necessary to create community-serving, community-owned real estate assets.

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Consider Partnering with CSN

CSN envisions a future where every community has access to the space it needs to be sustainable, healthy, and vibrant. From a social justice angle, real estate is an effective tool for shifting power. Buildings and spaces that are owned and operated by mission-based organizations for the purpose of community benefit, like nonprofit centers, libraries, parks, and affordable housing, are examples of how real estate can have a ‘social purpose’ and positive impact. Contact CSN to donate or see how you might partner with us to support the social purpose real estate field in an upcoming initiative or project that interests you.