Regional Chapter Roundtables

Regional Chapter Roundtables support members in their work to ensure that every nonprofit has access to a quality workspace and quality infrastructure to deliver on their mission.

2 people sitting on sofa having a discussion

Each Regional Chapter is led by two local area CSN members and all CSN members are invited. There are four Regional Chapter Roundtables a year for CSN members to learn, collaborate, and connect. We’d love to have you be a part of your Regional Chapter community!

Regional Chapter Roundtables 2024 Dates

East Coast US / Midwest US / Central US
March 6, June 5, September 4, December 4

Southern US / West Coast US
March 7, June 6, September 5, December 5

Eastern Canada
March 7, June 6 (Canada National), September 5,
December 5 (Canada National)

Western Canada
March 6, June 6 (Canada National), September 4,
December 5 (Canada National)

Are you a CSN Member?

Check your regional chapter group in the member portal for the next Roundtable or email [email protected].

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Regional Chapter Goals

Building meaningful connections and opportunities for collaboration

Sharing regional best practices

Peer learning through quality content and conversation

Regional Chapter Roundtable map

Tips from Regional Chapter Roundtables

Roundtable tips Summer
 1. Evaluate stakeholder satisfaction in multiple ways.
2. Consider active meeting spaces.
Roundtable tips Spring
1. Establish consistent outlets for sharing and collaboration.
2. Lean into batching tasks.
Roundtable tips Winter
1. Keep your spaces as flexible as possible.
2. Focus on the “least lift and most fun” for tenant events.