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The Community Spaces Network is a membership community of creators and operators of social purpose real estate and industry-related professionals.

Comprised of members from over 150 nonprofit real estate projects and organizations in the US and Canada, the network is a dynamic, adaptive, supportive community where solutions and tools around shared space are exchanged daily. From ensuring your project’s design meets your needs before breaking ground to engaging your community after years in operation, our network of operators and shared space experts can support and advise on anything that you face.

Members have a passion for empowering the nonprofit sector through social purpose real estate. When you join CSN, you become part of a movement that envisions a world where every community has access to the space it needs to be sustainable, healthy, and vibrant. Together we work to grow the collaborative network necessary to create community-serving and community-owned real estate assets.

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Why become a member?

Beyond access to our thriving network, members enjoy one hour of free consulting with our team and access to our myriad of online resources, webinars, and events. All benefits of membership are centered around collaboration, community, industry best practices, peer learning, and professional development.

Visibility: Recognition and promotion of your work, your space, and your community

Connections: Build your network and learn from peers in the shared space sector

Tools: Resources and training for growth and development at any stage

Convenings: Gather and engage with other SPRE professionals in-person and online

Which membership is right for you?

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Center in Development

Centers in Development are groups that are in the early stages of exploring the concept of shared space and its application to their communities. All projects that have not yet opened their doors are eligible for this special introductory rate.

Center in Operation

Centers in Operation are nonprofit centers that are established and operating shared spaces. They are typically multi-tenant spaces that increase the capacity and effectiveness of the nonprofit sector by providing quality nonprofit workspace and community. Pricing is on a sliding scale based on a center’s budget size.

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SPRE Partner

Social Purpose Real Estate (SPRE) Partners are individuals, organizations, or businesses that engage or are interested in social purpose real estate as a positive way to impact our communities, but do not operate a shared space. This includes designers and planners, lenders and community finance professionals, governments and community leaders, economic development practitioners, land trusts, and more. Pricing is on a sliding scale based on budget size. Retiree and Student memberships are also available.

Take Your Membership to the Next Level

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Become a SPRE Champion

Social Purpose Real Estate (SPRE) Champions are our most dedicated members. Any CSN member can become a SPRE Champion by choosing to provide a US tax-deductible gift on top of their standard annual membership fee. This goes towards bolstering the support CSN provides to other nonprofit centers that can’t yet afford to join the network, building the national movement of social purpose real estate, and helping to ensure that every community has access to quality space. SPRE Champions receive all the typical benefits associated with their membership, plus additional exclusive benefits to recognize their generosity. See our current SPRE Champions here.

Member Levels and Benefits

Ready to become a member?

If you would like more information or to learn more about membership, please fill out this short form and we will set up a time to connect. You can also email [email protected] or call us at 720.836.1189.