A Guide to Collaborative Solutions for Nonprofits eBook

This is the first comprehensive guide for nonprofit leaders looking to create shared services programs.

The topics and case studies explored in this guide are based on interviews with executives of shared services programs and knowledge we gathered through field research across the United States and Canada. Shared services and programs are a major example of the nonprofit sector’s current focus on innovation, including how to collaborate in new ways and how to operate more efficiently. Drawing together resources, ideas, and energy of people across the nonprofit world, collaborative workspace and services offer nonprofits greater financial stability through cost-saving. 

Experiences in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors prove these gains are possible when shared services are designed effectively. Shared services reduce redundancy, increase synergy, promote idea sharing and funding resources, and offer nonprofits a way to thrive in changing and uncertain markets. In a time when funders are demanding effectiveness, solid organizational infrastructure is critically important. This guide will help you leverage and share expertise across organizations in an efficient manner. 

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