Collaboration Project

Ninety-five percent of nonprofit centers state that collaboration is part of the reason they exist.

However, many nonprofit center managers are unsatisfied with the results they are seeing in their spaces. Chances are you can relate. 

Included in the 48 Page Report:

  • Six worksheets you can use to build collaboration in your shared space
  • Three case studies of successful shared space centers
  • Steps for replicating collaboration in your center
  • Suggested Practice Standards

The Collaboration Project was a peer learning community designed to establish practice standards for nonprofit collaboration in shared space centers. 23 centers throughout the US and Canada participated to address frustration around achieving meaningful outcomes from the organizations who are tenants/members of the centers. The result of this nine-month process is a resource for centers to implement similar approaches, learn from the experiences of peers and make an action plan for furthering collaboration.

Shared spaces are laboratories for collaboration. By modeling best practices, nonprofit shared space centers can become “weavers” of greater community impact by fostering collaborative environments and nurturing deeper programmatic collaborations. We hope this report lays the groundwork to help your organization in future collaborations.   

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