Evaluating Success: Toolkit for Measuring Nonprofit Center Impacts

A thorough impact assessment should help nonprofit center leaders better tell their story and pinpoint what is working well and what is not.

This Toolkit provides a framework for thinking about the types of benefits associated with nonprofit centers, the types of impacts that may derive from these benefits, and their vectors, the different groups, i.e., organization, client, community, that are potentially affected. It details the type of data and data collection tools needed to assess impacts, and it outlines the steps to design and implement an impact assessment. 

The Toolkit also provides sample surveys and interview formats to use in collecting impact data and in determining how the center is achieving its impacts. The writers of this guide realize that impact assessment and evaluation can be complex and rigorous processes. This guide will help nonprofit center leaders conduct a basic assessment to begin to understand the benefits and impacts they provide. This toolkit is not meant to be a comprehensive program evaluation. A professional researcher or evaluator should be consulted when planning a full program or organization evaluation.

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