Shared Space & The New Nonprofit Workplace Book

The definitive resource for nonprofit shared space.  A must read and reference tool for all practitioners. Shared Space and the New Nonprofit Workplace presents a comprehensive overview of shared space as an innovative model and effective long-term solution for nonprofit organizations’ need for stable and affordable office and program space. In particular, it focuses on co-locating multiple nonprofits in shared spaces, often called nonprofit centers, with shared services and a collaborative culture.

This comprehensive resource provides a practical road map to develop new workspaces; documents benefits for nonprofit staff, organizations, and their communities; presents challenges and solutions from successful nonprofit shared spaces; and considers nonprofit centers’ history and future trends. Further, it offers nonprofits an opportunity to engage in forward-thinking practices, such as collaborative service delivery, green building operations, and cross-sector alliances.

The book will be useful to nonprofit executives, staff and board members, foundations, philanthropists, real estate and urban planning professionals interested in creating these projects, and researchers and students of the nonprofit sector.

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shared space and the new nonprofit workplace