State of the Sector 2019

Our 2019 State of the Shared Space Sector was completed with the help of centers and organizations across North America.

We are happy to report that the state of nonprofit centers continues to be strong and they continue to serve your communities well. From financial savings to staff productivity and morale and increased programming, many nonprofits can do more through shared space.

In this report you’ll get:

  • An overview of the sector – types of centers, tenant mix, size, revenues, etc.
  • What type of spaces and services centers are offering
  • The impact on tenants, their mission, staffing, programming, clients and more
  • Cost savings reallocation and financial data for centers and staffing
  • How centers define success, collaboration and their plans for the future

If you’re looking to create a shared space or curious how to use your current center to maximize your mission, download this report today.

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