5 Tips from Fall Regional Chapter Roundtables:

We recently wrapped up our fall Regional Chapter roundtables and always love hearing the latest tips from practioniers on the ground. Check out the helpful tips that our members shared with each other at this quarter’s NCN member Roundtables:

5 Tips from Fall Regional Chapter Roundtables:

1. Build “Community Animator” positions that are volunteers from your center
One member talked about offering a membership to their nonprofit center in exchange for one day a week of volunteering as a “Community Animator” in the space. What a great way to build in a tenant perspective to programming and space activation!

2. Require tenants to “check-in” to meeting spaces via email 24 hours before use
Sending an automated email requiring anyone with a reservation for a meeting space to “check-in” 24 hours beforehand helps ensure it’s actually going to be used. It’s always a bummer when space is reserved and not used, and this extra step can help prevent that.

3. Convert a parking lot for events or other uses
Using outdoor spaces creatively, including parking lots, can be a great way to build both internal and external community. Think night markets, musical performances, festivals, etc.

4. Create an Executive Director support group for your tenants

Several members have created a roundtable type support group for Executive Directors or leadership of the organizations that use their space. They’re usually well attended and a needed space for nonprofit leaders.

5. Think about staffing if you’re considering after hour events
If you are managing events after normal business hours, either with organizations that are a part of your tenant community, or outside organizations, just be sure to consider your team and staffing implications, costs, and hours, as they can quickly add up.


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