5 Tips from Summer Regional Chapter Roundtables:

We recently wrapped up our summer Regional Chapter roundtables and always love hearing the latest tips from practioniers on the ground. Check out the helpful tips that our members shared with each other at this quarter’s NCN member Roundtables:

5 Tips from Summer Regional Chapter Roundtables:

1. Create marketing strategies that speak directly to prospective tenants looking for satellite locations.
While many times marketing strategies are directed towards prospective tenants who want to use nonprofit centers as primary office spaces, there’s a whole market of prospective tenants who might just need a satellite location. Target your communication directly to them – it might help them see themselves in your space!

2. Consider the pros and cons of texting apps like EZ Texting and DialMyCalls for emergency communication.
Texting apps can be extremely helpful for emergency alerts, but remember to consider things like high opt out rates, and a lack of tracking for opt outs.

3. Build relationships with funders through periodic updates on your work, consistent communication, and genuine petitions for advice, not just grant applications and funding requests.
Building genuine connections and asking for advice from funders, beyond times when you’re just looking to raise money, often helps you stand out from the crowd, and can be a more sustainable and effective way to grow your network.

4. When going through the process of resigning leases with tenants, add in an intentional conversation with them about the goals of your partnership and your collaborative work together.
While you may know your partners / tenants well at this point, adding an intentional check in to the lease resigning process can strengthen the relationship and create more opportunities for collaboration.

5. Be methodical in your grant applications
Creating a story, and then supporting that story with numbers, is a straightforward and effective way to be methodical in your grant writing.


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