5 Tips from Winter Regional Chapter Roundtables:

Check out the helpful tips that our members shared with each other at this quarter’s NCN member Roundtables:

5 Tips from Winter Regional Chapter Roundtables:

1. Keep your spaces as flexible as possible.
Consider how any change might affect future use when designing or renovating spaces. For example, if adding a new door, think about the location of that door so the space could be divided into two offices in the future if needed.!

2. Focus on the “least lift and most fun” for tenant events.
When planning activities or gatherings for tenants, lean into activities that require little effort but return ample socializing and engagement. Keeping the time commitment and preparation at a minimum for tenants sometimes results in the best participation.

3. Consider local “30 under 30” lists for board recruitment.
If interested in tapping into the young professional community when recruiting board members, keep an eye on “30 under 30” style lists from local magazines or organizations. Local leadership academies and programs are another great resource for networking with young professionals to grow your board or volunteer base.

4. Create a facility test for new tenant staff.
As tenants bring on new staff, they can receive a facility manual and other supporting documents to guide them in accessing and operating within your center. Requiring they pass a test before being given a key/fob ensures they understand policies and procedures. This can be followed up or paired with an orientation with center staff to build community and promote safety.

5. Post tenant highlights in the building and on social media.
Incorporating tenant highlights (upcoming events, big wins, new staff, etc.) into your communication and marketing is a great way to support and celebrate the organizations within your space. You can maximize your reach by designating a space for them to be showcased in your building as well as on your social media accounts! Those who may not follow you online or utilize social media will still get to know your highlighted tenant and those who keep tabs from afar online get the same information.


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