5 tips from NCN Spring Regional Chapter Roundtables

Last week we had our first NCN Regional Chapter Roundtables of 2022. These Regional Chapter Roundtables occur once a quarter, and I am really enjoying seeing each chapter build its own identity and community for peer learning and connection. I am always so impressed by the tricks of the trade and new things I learn from our members at these roundtables, and I wanted a way to bring these to all of our NCN community. So, after each quarter’s round of roundtables, I’ll be sharing 5 tips I heard from the regional chapters about nonprofit centers and social purpose real estate. So without further adieu, let’s see what I learned about this time!

5 tips from NCN Regional Chapter Roundtables:

1. Try a plant swap

As spring arrives, try a plant swap as a fun way to build community at your center or between your tenants.

2. Learn from other models of social purpose real estate

There might be more commonalities than you think between nonprofit centers and Memphis’ incredibly innovative library highlighted in this article.

3. Consider a dishwasher

If you’re a center in development, center in operation members highly encourage a dishwasher, emphasizing how key it can be for daily operations.

4. Understand Canadian construction costs

This 2022 report that was shared is a guide to help better understand Canadian real estate development and infrastructure construction costs.

5. Bring awareness to our own biases

Remembering to recognize our own bias or lens is critical to collaboration and discussion in centers and communities, so that we are open and ready to listen to someone with another experience.


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