From Overwhelm to Excitement: Managing your Shared Space Adventure

I’ve had several conversations with new NCN members just starting the process to see if a nonprofit center is the right thing for their community. People talking this project for the first time are some of my favorites to work with – the energy, the inspiration, the passion. Inevitably, at some point excitement transitions to overwhelmed, as leaders struggle to balance their vision with the growing workload. That’s where we come in!

Because how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! We’ve helped so many people break down their shared space project into manageable chunks, making their dream a reality.  Here are my top tips for managing this process:

  1. Write down your why: Whether it’s an official statement of purpose or just the top three reasons you want to see a shared space in your community, this is your guiding principle as you go through this project. Form follows function throughout this process.
  2. Find a role model: There are over 400 mission driven facilities across the US and Canada. While it might not be perfect for what you want to do, having a model to point to can be incredibly helpful to make your case and win new partners to your cause.
  3. Take Nonprofit Centers Boot Camp: Our longest running course is now online, showcasing all of the nuts and bolts. It’s designed to give you enough information to narrow down your decisions while exposing you to the breadth of what’s possible.
  4. Still stumped? Call us! It’s common for members to use their free coaching hour to work with our consulting staff to narrow and prioritize all the tasks on their plate. We are here to help!

Ready to continue working on your shared space one bite at a time? NCN’s Virtual Boot Camp Online Course is a great resource. 12 Modules with videos, worksheets, and resources at your fingertips!


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