Member Highlight: Care Management Coalition of Western New York (CMC)

The Care Management Coalition of Western New York (CMC), is a group of 11 nonprofit agencies that co-locate to share resources and programming to meet the changing needs of families and the community we serve. The CMC’s mission is to collectively foster the wellbeing of families and children through strategic advocacy efforts and by improving quality, service, outcomes and capacity for its members. The CMC partners with a community health center and a pediatrics office located within the same building. This collaborative approach maximizes the resources of the participating organizations to provide comprehensive services in an underserved location and enables synergies among agencies to reduce expenses and eliminate duplication of programs. The result is a wider range of resources available to community members, ultimately leading to greater community impact.

What is one interesting fact about your space?

The CMC is located in a 100 year old former furniture store, adjacent to the iconic Broadway Market in Buffalo’s Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood. The CMC’s groundbreaking initiative is part of this neighborhood’s ongoing revitalization. The collaboration extends beyond agencies sharing space to providing a single “front door” to a spectrum of social and health care services to the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood and surrounding communities.

What are your favorite resources that you would recommend to others?

The member portal, especially the resources section!

Center Name:  Care Management Coalition of Western New York (CMC)

Location: Buffalo, NY

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