Member Highlight: The Center for Nonprofits @ St. Mary’s

The Center for Nonprofits @ St. Mary’s is the largest nonprofit center in North America — with over 300,000 square feet of facilities on 13 acres. We house 57 nonprofit organizations on the property. We are a multi-partner organization that offers health, education, and human services to people living in Northwest Arkansas. Our focus is to provide below-market-rate leases for nonprofit organizations in spaces that encourage collaboration and allow easy public access for services. The Center for Nonprofits @ St. Mary’s provides increased capacity for these organizations through additional spaces like classrooms, meeting rooms, plus building amenities, as well as facility support services.

What is one interesting fact about your space?

For more than 20 years, The Jones Trust has been a leader in nonprofit excellence in Northwest Arkansas. The Center for Nonprofits @ St. Mary’s, The Center for Nonprofits @ the JTL Shops and the Harvey Jones Education Building, all part of the Jones Legacy, house and serve a variety of nonprofit agencies serving the entire Northwest Arkansas area.

What are your favorite resources that you would recommend to others?

The Center for Nonprofits @ St. Mary’s offers a number of recommended resources. One being shared multipurpose space, including 10 meeting rooms for large or small groups. Our tenant affiliates can utilize this space for small conferences, board meetings and special events.

Another recommended resource is our office suites of varying sizes and affordable below market rent, allowing nonprofits to re-allocate those funds into direct services for their clients and the community . This additionally allows for a varied tenant base providing nonprofits opportunities to collaborate and share ideas.

Most recently we added a café, supporting the non profit organizations at the Center for Nonprofits @ St. Mary’s by providing quality food services and partnerships that harbor growth, teamwork and sustainability.

Center Name: The Jones Trust / The Center for Nonprofits @ St. Mary’s 

Location: Rogers, AR

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