Member Highlight: Co.act Detroit

We are a hub for accelerating collaborative action in Southeast Michigan’s nonprofit community. We have paired national best practice research with local insights and context to develop a nimble and coordinated approach to realizing impact in our region.

Our space serves as a natural place for nonprofits to connect, share ideas and develop solutions together. We build authentic community through cultivated conversations and events designed to build trust, deepen relationships and set the stage for collective impact.

But we are more than just a space. We source local wisdom to co-create programs and resources that meet nonprofits where they are.

We work with organizations and our partners to bridge the gap between vision and community transformation.

What is one interesting fact about your space?

We facilitate transformation that moves missions and our communities forward, inviting nonprofits in the region to get involved in three main ways:

  • Collaboration: We foster a more connected and resilient nonprofit community in Southeast Michigan.
  • Knowledge: We offer customized programs based on local wisdom and national best practices that meet organizations where they are.
  • Space: We provide space for organizations to solve problems and generate ideas together.

What are your favorite resources that you would recommend to others?

While we aim for dynamic and responsive offerings and resources in all of our events and programs, our Co.lab Connect program — offered every Tuesday and Thursday — reflects our core mission practiced on a regular basis.

Co.lab Connect activates a network of partners and professionals from southeast Michigan’s nonprofit and business community. Through short, focused consultations with subject matter experts in areas such as accounting, data, finance and more, we provide the opportunity for nonprofit leaders to approach challenges from a fresh perspective and tap into their own solution-oriented thinking.

Center Name: Co.act Detriot

Location: Detroit, MI

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