Member Highlight: J. Walter Cameron Center

The Cameron Center in Maui provides a vital hub for community services, encompassing a collaborative environment where 24 independent nonprofit and social service agencies coexist. This dynamic space is designed to foster synergy among organizations, each dedicated to various aspects of community welfare, including health, education, mediation, legal, immigration, and cultural programs. The center’s facilities are equipped to host over 800 workshops and training sessions annually, making it a cornerstone for community enrichment and support. With a sprawling layout, the center offers versatile meeting spaces, offices, and communal areas that are tailored to the needs of its diverse Resident Agencies. These features enable the Cameron Center to facilitate an impressive range of services, touching the lives of over 60,000 individuals each year. It stands as a beacon of community collaboration, providing a platform where multiple agencies work together under one roof to enhance the well-being of Maui’s residents.

An interesting fact about the Cameron Center is its significant impact on the Maui community through its comprehensive support system for various nonprofits. Housing 24 different nonprofit and social service agencies, the center creates a unique ecosystem where these organizations can collaborate and thrive. This synergy not only maximizes their reach and effectiveness but also turns the center into a pivotal point for community services, touching the lives of over 60,000 individuals annually. The diversity of services offered—from health and education to immigration and cultural programs—showcases the center’s multifaceted role in enhancing community well-being and resilience. This feature exemplifies how a shared space can foster a community of cooperation, leading to greater collective impact than might be possible through individual efforts alone.

The Center’s Official Website: This is usually the primary source of detailed and accurate information about their mission, services, and links to the Resident organization’s web pages.

Social Media Platforms: Following their profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter can offer real-time updates, engaging stories, and community interactions that showcase the center’s impact.

Networking with Nonprofits: Direct conversations with the staff or volunteers of the agencies within the center can provide anecdotal and practical insights into how the center supports their operations and goals.

Location: Wailuku, Hawaii

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