Member Highlight: The Alliance Center

The Alliance Center exists to bring people together to solve systemic problems. We are a mission-driven coworking space, event venue and nonprofit located in downtown Denver. Our 40,000 square foot LEED Platinum building is home to almost 40 organizations working to create a more sustainable and equitable world. In addition to our physical coworking space, we also formed the Regenerative Recovery Coalition, a cross-sector collaboration working to create shared prosperity on a healthy planet. Our 380+ members drive action by working directly with key decision makers, amplifying each other’s work and implementing regenerative projects.

What is one interesting fact about your space?

Buildings shape our daily lives, yet they can be major greenhouse gas emitters. With this in mind, our Living Laboratory program pilots innovative sustainability solutions to improve the building sector’s impact on human health and the environment. One example of this is our Vehicle to Building (V2B) technology, a collaboration with Fermata Energy, Colorado CarShare and Colorado Smart Cities Alliance. This bidirectional electric vehicle charging system allows a dedicated Nissan LEAF to transfer energy from the battery back to our commercial building. This reduces energy pulled from the grid and increases our climate resiliency—all while decreasing costs.

What are your favorite resources that you would recommend to others?

As an environmentally focused nonprofit center, our building is home to many diverse tenants working in various realms of sustainability, from wildlife conservation to sustainable finance. Our tenants create impactful connections with one another that deepen and amplify their work, whether that be through our speed networking and happy hour events, intentional collaboration in our shared office spaces or partnerships via our event space. We always recommend using public transit to get to our building, which is located just a block from Union Station. We also encourage folks to bring their traditionally non recyclable items to our Hard to Recycle Station, which recycles items such as batteries, light bulbs, writing utensils, pet food bags and more. We love working with local partners like TerraCycle, Ridwell, and BlueStar Recyclers to divert almost 80% of our building’s waste and enhance the sustainability of our larger Denver community.

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