Member Highlight: the common roof

The common roof is a collaborative space where not-for-profits come together in a common space and with a common purpose; to best serve the over 20,000 plus clients they see collectively every year. Currently, we have three locations – Barrie, Orillia and our newest in Collingwood.

Our focus at each of our sites is to facilitate efficient and effective collaborative approaches. We are focused on adding value through collaboration and integration of knowledge, resources and experience providing significant benefits to children, adults, families, service providers and the communities we serve.

16 organizations call the common roof home and we are proud to work alongside them to support our community each and every day.

What is one interesting fact about your space?

Our latest location is a joint venture between the New Path Foundation and the Collingwood Rotary Club. The first such partnership for us with a local service club and it was able to come together during the Covid pandemic. A true testament to community drive and the ability of the organizations working together to bring it to reality.

What are your favorite resources that you would recommend to others?

The NCN member portal of course! A great resource for any shared space organization to access information and the experiences of others in the shared space field.

Center Name:  The common roof

Location: Barrie, Ontario /  Orillia, Ontario / Collingwood, Ontario

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