Member Highlight: Water Cooler at Pegasus Park

Water Cooler at Pegasus Park is sponsored by Lyda Hill Philanthropies, in partnership with J. Small Investments, and is the largest nonprofit shared space in Texas. The community exists to enable the Dallas social services sector to be one of the most effective in the nation by offering a world-class shared space to help organizations attract and retain talent, improve organizations’ collaboration, reduce administrative costs by providing more predictable leases, and create more visibility around the social problems that need to be solved. Approximately 175,000 square feet of space spanning five floors on Pegasus Park’s campus is dedicated to Water Cooler.

What is one interesting fact about your space?

The history and focus of the Pegasus Park campus has consistently evolved, from the jewelry industry to oil and gas, to a current and future hub for social sector collaboration and life sciences innovation. Tenants at Water Cooler at Pegasus Park work across impact areas, including environmental preservation, mental health, workforce development, medical research, education, social justice, and more..

What are your favorite resources that you would recommend to others?

As a relatively new player in the space, The Nonprofit Centers Network community and professional development series have been very beneficial! Our team has also found “Shared Space and The New Nonprofit Workplace” by China Brotsky, Sarah M. Eisinger, and Diane Vinokur-Kaplan to be a great resource.

Center Name:  Water Cooler at Pegasus Park

Location: Dallas, TX

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