Member Highlight: WELD Seattle

WELD’s mission is to provide system-impacted individuals with housing, employment, and resources that promote recovery and successful reintegration into society. WELD programs are designed exclusively by and for the population they serve. Through its employment social enterprise, Weld Works, WELD Seattle offers direct job placement, while its housing program offers a membership-based transitional recovery housing program and comprehensive, holistic support services.
WELD Seattle aims to break down the barriers faced by individuals re-entering society after experiencing incarceration, addiction, and homelessness. This allows them to be empowered to write a successful second chance story.

Our building was constructed in 1909 and has served various purposes throughout the years. It has functioned as a chicken and rendering factory, a jazz speakeasy, and an artist co-op.

Center Name: Weld Seattle

Center Member Type: Center in Development

Location: Seattle, WA

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