How Much Space Do We Need?

When we work with nonprofits, we typically ask how much space they have currently and how much they’re looking for.  Usually, the numbers only go up, but so much about the millennial workforce is changing how we interact with our workspace.  When you’re thinking about moving or finding office space, don’t use your current space as the baseline – think outside the box.

  1. Let form follow function. What will be done in the space? Office work and data processing? Or will you be running child care programs? Counseling clients? Different uses require different amounts of space.
  2. Who will be in the space and how often? Gone are the days of the giant corner office with the executive desk and plant. People are often more productive when they work from a variety of places (home, coffeeshop, library), and more desks sit open. At the same time, if your organization relies on a lot of seasonal volunteers and interns, make sure to have a place for them as well.
  3. Reconsider your attachment to your furniture. A lot of wasted space comes from bulky furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose. While furniture can be a large one-time expense, more efficient space usage can save you on your rent bill every month – or find a furnished office and let your landlord worry about it!
  4. Replace desktops with laptops. Flexible technology allows you to be more flexible in your space, and adapt more quickly to open floor plans.
  5. Digitize your files. Not only is it good for the environment to recycle all that paper, it streamlines your office footprint.

What are your best tips for understanding how much space you need? Share them in the comments section!



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